My role

Branding- & Service design, Venture capital

Team members

Ana García Culebro, Fernanda Ramirez, Johnny Boakye Bennett, Kristinah Imanishimwe, Mathilda Sundström, Montserrat Perez, Paulina Hentschel


The client wanted to explore possibilities in the last-mile-delivery and see how they could potentially jump into that line of business, and also improve it from a sustainable point of view.

There wasn’t a lot of restriction as to what the end result could be or even what time frame to set this whole concept up to work.

We were a few people working from Stockholm but also had a few colleagues added up from Mexico as well, making it a bit more challenging working with different time zones.


Starting off with a session of just pure ideation the team came quickly to the conclusion that we wanted to make something that would be plausible to set up in a fairly short time span but also on an international level.

A lot of the early research involved information gathering to understand how the last mile delivery works today to see how it could be improved, I dove straight into setting up interviews with people at Postnord trying to see how the Swedish and Nordic biggest courier service worked, I also did a lot of observations by tagging along some last mile delivery from companies such as Postnord, UPS and independent couriers.

The big breakthrough came after we used disruptive design as a method to tackle the challenge we were facing.


The concept we ended up with was an on-demand delivery added to the point when a parcel had been delivered to a pickup/drop-off point waiting to be picked up, we added an on-demand delivery service that could pick up and deliver the parcel to a new destination when needed.

My focus in this was mostly on developing the whole concept and making it plausible to work in the near future, but also as a service designer to make the whole experience work well for any and all stakeholders who would be involved in this concept, creating a user journey map to showcase this.

I also worked a lot with forming the base and foundation for the information gathering, such as interview guides anyone on the team could use when interviewing different stakeholders and clustering all the gathered information.

The finished outcome

The design process