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Finding legit and trustworthy ratings on anything can be tricky, usually, you need to go to specific platforms to find ratings on something specific such as restaurants etc.

The idea of CRED is a social media platform revolving around rating anything, a place, a restaurant, a new sneaker, a new clothing brand, or a famous person, rate anything possible, your imagination is the only thing holding you back from rating anything you want, and with profiles and history and following influencers or more trustworthy people can be followed to check their ratings, all of this makes it more creditable ratings no matter what it is because you know there’s a real person behind it and they could have a big following compared to finding a random google review.


Starting from nothing trying to define how the whole platform should work and getting a good flow around the UI, building up some lofi sketches.

Starting with very lo-fi wireframing to understand the flow, new ideas started to arise and new features got added such as a personal profile and what should be on the profile, but also a rating system and a leaderboard to gamify the whole experience.


After lots of work and figuring out how Figma works I created a foundation for something I still work on from time to time when I have spare time on my hands.

There are some functioning designs for the app, but no code as of right now as I’m not a programmer, the goal is to continue working on this and keep on evolving it into something and launch it one day.

With little to no experience in Figma before this project, this was one of my goals to learn how the function and features work, rather than just following tutorials I wanted to put myself in a spot to be forced to learn the software in a very short time span.

The finished outcome

The design process