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In 2019 I converted my old company into a limited company, the company needed a facelift, and with me being the only employee the company sort of represented me, but I didn’t want to put my own name on it but instead create something that felt more tangible as a limited company.

I’ve previously used a fox as a mascot while creating a brand for myself in the past, therefore it felt fitting to use a fox again but make it into a simple logo that could be applicable not just as a company logo but also for other things such as merchandise.


Trying to figure out a name and a potential branding for the whole name was hard with almost nothing to go on, no core values or anything similar, just a name and a company that was basically only consulting in design and in the esports world.

With the company being in very different business areas without any sub-departments it was a big challenge to figure out what would work and how, but to make sure it would work in both worlds I wanted something simple, something that could be seen in a professional way in both worlds.


Going with something simple that could fit both these worlds had me trying out several different color and style variations before landing on a simple fox head shape using only a darker grey and white as colors.

It works for both of the business areas without any changes needing to be done, this was the main goal of creating the branding itself.

The finished outcome

The design process