My role

Brand designer, Project manager

Team members

Anders RĂ¥dal, Divya Kavadia & Tessa Holgesson


Solar Choice


To create a branding identity profile for the client who at the time was missing some crucial information such as core values and target audience, together with the team we helped the client not just to create a brand book for their identity but a lot of their core values as well.


When we were handed the brief it was all over the place and we started debriefing it and clearing out what we could do over the course of the upcoming weeks we were going to focus on this project and what was the client’s actual needs.

A lot of the research came down to gathering information, and understanding not only what the client needed but also potential customers, what information they would be looking for, and what was lacking back when they got it for the first time.

We also tried several different approaches to the branding identity with style landscapes, creating a few new ones but also redesigning their existing profile.


With lots of research done in the solar business area to understand the market and the actual customers, we were able to find a more suitable target audience and also help the client to define their core values and apparent branding identity.

My focus was mainly to lead the team and deal with all the graphics such as making the logotype and the whole brand book we delivered to the client.

The client was happy with the work and less than two weeks after the team handed the client all the deliverables the new branding identity was in place.

The finished outcome

The design process